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Synthesize tabular data

Use YData's RegularSynthesizer to generate tabular synthetic data

import os

from ydata.sdk.dataset import get_dataset
from ydata.sdk.synthesizers import RegularSynthesizer

# Do not forget to add your token as env variables
os.environ["YDATA_TOKEN"] = '<TOKEN>'  # Remove if already defined

def main():
    """In this example, we demonstrate how to train a synthesizer from a pandas

    After training a Regular Synthesizer, we request a sample.
    X = get_dataset('census')

    # We initialize a regular synthesizer
    # As long as the synthesizer does not call `fit`, it exists only locally
    synth = RegularSynthesizer()

    # We train the synthesizer on our dataset

    # We request a synthetic dataset with 50 rows
    sample = synth.sample(n_samples=50)


if __name__ == "__main__":