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This sections provides a detailed guide on integrating YData Fabric with Databricks. By combining Databricks and YData Fabric, users gain a comprehensive AI solution. Fabric enables access to previously siloed data, enhances understanding, and improves data quality. Meanwhile, Databricks provides the scalability needed to deliver robust AI capabilities.

Integration benefits

  • Enhanced Data Accessibility: Seamlessly access and integrate previously siloed data.
  • Improved Data Quality: Use YData Fabric's tools to enhance the quality of your data through data preparation and augmentation.
  • Scalability: Leverage Databricks' robust infrastructure to scale data processing and AI workloads.
  • Streamlined Workflows: Simplify data workflows with connectors and SDKs, reducing manual effort and potential errors.
  • Comprehensive Support: Benefit from extensive documentation and support for both platforms, ensuring smooth integration and operation.

Integration methods

Data Catalog - Connectors

YData Fabric provides a range of connectors that enable direct integration with Databricks' Unity Catalog and Delta Lake. These connectors streamline data transfer and ensure seamless interoperability between the two platforms.

Key Features:

  • Easy configuration
  • Secure data transfer
  • Data synchronization


The YData Fabric SDK offers a programmatic approach to integrating with Databricks. It provides developers with the tools and libraries needed to automate and customize data workflows between YData Fabric and Databricks.

Key Features:

  • Python based interface
  • Flexible and customizable
  • Comprehensive documentation and support

Find a comprehensive guideline on using YData Fabric SDK in Databricks Notebooks.


The YData Fabric API allows for integration via RESTful services, providing a versatile method to interact with Databricks. This approach is ideal for applications requiring direct API calls and custom integrations.

Key Features:

  • RESTful architecture
  • Language-agnostic integration
  • Detailed API documentation
  • Support for a wide range of operations

Integration diagram

The integration diagram below illustrates the interaction between YData Fabric and Databricks, highlighting the data flow and key components involved in the integration process.

Databricks diagram.png