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Installation process

The following procedure explains how to install the platform using the CloudFormation template and how to connect to the platform after the installation. The full procedure takes around 45m to 1h to be completed. In order to install the platform in your account, the user must have basic knowledge with the used tools, such as CloudFormation, Route53 and Cognito.

Configure the product

Make sure that you comply with the pre-flight checks

You can check the prerequisites and pre-deploy checks.

Start with the basic configuration for the app installation:

  • Ensure you are in the right region.
  • Choose the stack name "ydata-platform" is the default name default stack


Define your network configurations to access the platform. Using the ACM Certificate ARN OR the Hosted Zone ID and the Domain chosen from the preflight checklist, fill up the following parameters: default network parameters


Define how your users will authenticate in the platform (you can use multiple providers). auth providers


You can opt for allowing or not the collection of metrics in order to help us understand how users interact with the product. No user data is collected at any point. You can find our privacy policy at auth providers

Bastion host

A bastion host is created and used to give closer support to the users. The bastion host is only accessible on user demand, giving us access to EC2 setting an SG ingress rule. Set it to "Allow" to have it available. More information here.


  • Check the β€œI acknowledge that AWS CloudFormation might create IAM resources with custom names.”
  • Click Create Stack

Acknowledge cloud formation

2. Following the installation process

Now we can follow the step-by-step for the installation of YData Fabric.

  • Click the β€œCreate” button, the installation of the platform will start:

Init platform install

The process will take approximately 45-60 minutes.

  • If the installation process occurs without any issues, you will see the CREATE_COMPLETE status in the stack:

Install completed

  • If any error occur during installation, please open a support case at

3. Post installation configuration

DNS Configuration

If you have your domain registered in Route53, you can check the CF Outputs, and click the domain name to access the platform:

DNS Configuration

If you are using another DNS provider or a Route53 in another account, you will need to create a CNAME record pointing to the ALB endpoint (ALBDNSName). As an example: CNAME β†’

4. Connecting to the platform

To connect the platform, please allow 20-30m so the platform is completed initialised and access using the URL displayed in the CF Outputs. For the login process, if you choose a customer custom login provider, you need to ensure that the users are created.

Otherwise, you will need to create the users in the Cognito generated by the CloudFormation stack.

More information under can be found at Login providers.

πŸš€ Congratulations you are now ready to start exploring your data with YData Fabric!