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Get started with Fabric Community

Fabric Community is a SaaS version that allows you to explore all the functionalities of Fabric first-hand: free, forever, for everyone. You’ll be able to validate your data quality with automated profiling, unlock data sharing and improve your ML models with synthetic data, and increase your productivity with seamless integration:

  • Build 1 personal project;
  • Create your first Data Catalog and benefit from automated data profiling;
  • Train and generate synthetic data up to 2 models and datasets with 50 columns and 100K rows;
  • Optimize synthetic data quality for your use cases with an evaluation PDF report;
  • Create 1 development environment (Labs) and integrate it with your familiar ML packages and workflows.


To register for Fabric Community:

Registration Process

Once you login, you'll access the Home page and get started with your data preparation!

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