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Installation process

Ensure that you have completed the pre-deploy checklist

Validate if you have checked all the deploy requirements before moving forward with the deploy.

Basic configuration

  • Start by defining the basic configuration for the app installation.

JIT Access

azure app config

Network configuration

  • Define your network configuration to access YData Fabric.

azure network configuration

  • If you choose a new Public IP, you can choose the name or leave it as (new) default, but the remaining properties are ignored since the SKU standard and assignment static is the recommended by Azure.

azure public ip

  • After that, choose a DNS label for the domain as shown below.

azure define dns

  • If you opt for an existing Public IP, you can choose that IP from the dropdown. The DNS Public Endpoint is automatically filled since this is configured on the IP Address level. If your IP is disabled, please ensure you have the DNS name label defined and the IP is not allocated to any other resource.

azure existing ip azure existing ip

For the DNS Custom Domain, you can use a custom domain, such as, for example After the installation process you will need to create a CNAME or an A record in your DNS provider. More information in the Post installation step.


  • Define how you will authenticate to the app after the deployment is completed.

azure authentication


  • You can opt for allowing or not the collection of metrics in order to help us understand how users interact with the product. No user data is collected at any point. Read more about YData privacy policy.


  • Click “Next”. Check the provided parameters.
  • Insert the contact information
  • Read and accept the terms and conditions. Finally click in "Create".

azure create

Following the installation process

  • After click the “Create” button, the installation of the managed app will start, as shown in the image below.

azure ydata app

The process will take approximately 45-60 minutes.

  • If any error occur during installation, please open a support case at

Post installation configuration

IP configuration

If you choose to use one existing IP for the platform, you will need to create a role assignment to the resource group where the IP is located. To do this, open your managed resource group (where the resources are created) and open the ydata-cluster-managed-identity Managed Identity.

  • Click “Azure Role Assignments

azure role assigment

  • Click “Add role assignment” as shown in the image below.

azure role assigment

  • Choose the Scope “Resource group”.
  • Choose the subscription where the resource group is located.
  • Select the resource group where the IP is located.
  • Add the role “Network Contributor” and "Save".

DNS Configuration

If you opt for the DNS Custom Domain, you will need to create a CNAME record pointing to the DNS Public Endpoint or an A record pointing to the IP. Example in Route53:

azure route53 azure create route53

Connecting to YData Fabric

You can get the full URL in the Managed APP → “Parameters and Outputs” tab → Outputs

azure resources YData Fabric azure parameters YData Fabric

🚀 Congratulations you are now ready to start exploring your data with YData Fabric!