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Fabric coding environment

YData Fabric Labs are on-demand, cloud-based data development environments with automatically provisioned hardware (multiple infrastructure configurations, including GPUs, are possible) and full platform integration via a Python interface (allowing access to Data Sources, Synthesizers, and the Workspace’s shared files).

Wit Labs, you can create environment with the support to familiar IDEs like Visual Studio Code, **Jupyter Lab** and H20 Flow, with support for both Python and R are included.

For Python specifically, pre-configured bundles including TensorFlow, PyTorch and/or the main popular data science libraries are also available, jumpstarting data development. Additional libraries can be easily installed leveraging a simple !pip install

Welcome Labs

Get started with your first lab

πŸ§ͺ Follow this step-by-step guided tutorial to create your first Lab.

Tutorials & recipes

Leverage YData extensive collection of tutorials and recipes that you can find in YData Academy. Quickstart or accelerate your data developments with recipes and tutorial use-cases.