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How to create a connector in Fabric's Data Catalog?

How to create a connector to an RDBMS in Fabric?

To create a connector in YData Fabric, select the "Connectors" page from the left side menu, as illustrated in the image below.

Select Connectors from Homepage

Click in "Add Connector" and a list of connector types to choose from will be shown to you.

Select AWS connector

For the purpose of this example we will be creating a connector to our AWS S3 storage. The credentials/secrets to your storage will be requested. After adding them, you can "Test connection" to ensure that all the details are correct. A confirmation message, similar to the one shown in the image below, should appear in our screen, letting you know that you can now save your connector successfully!

Succesfully connection test

Congrats! 🚀 You have now created your first Connector! You can now create different Datasources in your project's Data Catalog. Get ready for your journey of improved quality data for AI.