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Data Catalog

In the realm of data management and analysis, the ability to efficiently discover, understand, and access data is crucial. Fabric's Data Catalog emerges as a pivotal solution in this context, designed to facilitate an organized, searchable, and accessible repository of metadata. This chapter introduces the concept, functionality, and advantages of the Data Catalog within Fabric's ecosystem, offering developers a comprehensive overview of its significance and utility.

To ensure that large volumes of data can be processed through the entire data pipeline, Fabric is equipped with integrated connectors for various types of storages (from RDBMS to cloud object storage), guaranteeing the data never leaves your premises. Furthermore Fabric's Catalog ensures a timely and scalable data analysis as it runs on top of a distributed architecture powered by Kubernetes and Dask.

The benefits of Fabric's Data Catalog for data teams are manifold, enhancing not only the efficiency but also the effectiveness of data understanding operations:

  • Improved Data Accessibility: With the Data Catalog, developers can consume the data they need for a certain project through a user-friendly interface, significantly reducing the time spent searching for data across disparate sources. This enhanced discoverability makes it easier to initiate data analysis, machine learning projects,
  • or any other data-driven tasks.

  • Enhanced Data Governance and Quality: Fabric's Data Catalog provides comprehensive tools for data-drive projects governance in terms of data assets, including data quality profiling and metadata management. These tools help maintain high-data quality and compliance with regulatory standards, ensuring that developers work with reliable and standardized information throughout the project.

  • Knowledge and Insight Sharing: Through detailed metadata, data quality warnings and detailed profiling, Fabric's Data Catalog enhances the understanding of data's context and behaviour. This shared knowledge base supports better decision-making and innovation in a data-driven project.